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Moving to Epicor 9: How Semiconductor Tooling Services Successfully Upgraded

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To advance your business in today's unpredictable economic environment, you need to grab opportunities before your competition can. And, it requires the ability to quickly and seamlessly innovate and adapt your processes and operations.

Join us to hear how Semiconductor Tooling Services (STS) made this happen with the latest release of Epicor. The company's Project Manager, Michael MacDonald, will speak at this webcast, sharing best practices and answering the audience's questions.

When you attend this webcast, you will learn:

  • Why Semiconductor Tooling Services chose Epicor 9 as their go-forward strategy
  • How they worked with Epicor Global Services to successfully upgrade
  • Lessons learned to help save you time and money
  • Benefits reaped since moving to Epicor 9

Listen to this webcast and learn how you can help drive business recovery and growth at your organization just like Semiconductor Tooling Services.