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MITS Report 2.0 for Avanté, DataFlo, ManFact and Manage 2000

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MITS Report for Epicor is a native U2 (UniData and UniVerse databases) web-based report writer. It understands U2 dictionaries and filters out unnecessary dictionary "clutter" using Epicor's XML filters. No client software needs to be installed -reports can be built from within a web browser. The primary benefit of MITS Report is that it runs against a separate repository, providing the ability to run reports without impacting live applications. That repository, which is indexed for optimal performance, can be updated during off hours or "near real time" depending upon user requirements and preference. This release is a major release of our MITS Report for Epicor product. MITS Report 2.0 has been successfully certified against our iSolutions products (Avanté, DataFlo, ManFact and Manage 2000).