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ManFact Virtual User Meeting

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ManFact Virtual User Meeting


Listen to the recent ManFact Virtual User Meeting from June 17, 2010.  Connect with fellow ManFact users and Epicor to discuss the following:

What's New in ManFact
Learn about the enhanced features included in the ManFact 5.13 release, and get a complete update of what is coming next.

ManFact: How do you do that again?

Get answers to some of the most popular questions and requests placed by you, the users, to the ManFact Technical Support Center.  


See how you can optimize your shipping operations with a powerful tool that enables users to achieve new levels of shipping automation.

NorthClark Applications for ManFact
Get complete information about the extension products that NorthClark Computing offers for ManFact customers.

iSolutions Update
See what's new with iSolutions and discover the value chain products that we currently offer for your solution.

iSolutions Migration Program

Are you ready for the next step?  Discover the top reasons to move to Epicor 9.05, and how we can partner with you to ensure a successful migration.