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Leaning Out Manufacturing Processes with an Advanced ERP Toolset

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Are you constantly looking for ways to shorten your order cycle to save time and put more money to your bottom line?  

Do you find that the tools you use often get in the way of this goal?  Well you are not alone.  Many manufacturers today are struggling to streamline process due to the limitations of their current ERP technology.

Join us for this webcast where we will show you a real world example of ARPAC, a packaging machinery manufacturing company based in Schiller Park, IL.  They use the lean tools in Epicor ERP to simplify, streamline and improve their business.  They were looking for a solid ERP software system but never thought that they would also get the tools that would be game changers for their business.   

These advanced lean tools allow them to:

  • Maximize the ease of doing business
  • Decrease the cost to do business
  • Streamline processes from many steps to a few

View a live demo of these ERP technology tools in action to see if they could benefit your business as well.