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iSolutions Webinar: iConnect and Disaster Recovery

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Why: iConnect has many practical uses for Epicor customers.

Do you have external systems that need to talk to your ERP system?

  • Are you tired of having multiple applications and customizations to work with your multi-value databases and XML documents?
  • Has database corruption caused you numerous delays?
  • Did you know that iConnect is the best and safest way to bring data back into your ERP system?

Disaster Recovery: More than 50% of large enterprises already implement layered recovery practices today, while less than a third of midsize organizations, according to [Gartner] estimates, do the same.  Companies that experience catastrophic data loss:

  • 43% never reopen
  • 51% closed within 2 years

Is your company prepared to overcome any type of outage, natural disaster or terrorist attack?  You don't have to take the risk to your business, take a look at what y our peers are doing.

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Source: Gartner, Inc. "Predicts 2009: Business Continuity Management Juggles Standardization, Cost and Outsourcing Risk: (Jan. 208, 2009)