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Important Webcast for Medical Distributors

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As a medical distributor, you face different challenges than any other wholesaler.

You must handle complicated release schedules, manage complex pricing structures and rebates, monitor an incredibly fragile and diverse inventory, and much more. Many medical supply and device distributors are partnering with Epicor to streamline operations and better manage their business processes.

See how Epicor Prophet 21 can help increase your sales, improve customer service, and help you stay in compliance. During this webcast we will demonstrate the following Epicor Prophet 21 medical specific functionality:

- Rebate management
- Enterprise search
- Lot and expiration tracking
- Pedigree and DEA tracking
- Advanced demand forecasting
- And more

During this webcast, hear from Mercedes Medical Inc. Chief Operating Officer, Andy Wright about their partnership with Epicor and how Prophet 21 has increased their productivity and efficiencies.