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Go Mobile with Epicor IT Service Management 2012

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Listen to this webcast to discover how Epicor ITSM 2012 enables you to provide a timely and expert IT service desk solution, with a personalized level of capability that will simply amaze your users. Your users will be able to have more accurate monitoring and control of tasks related to IT Operations Management including detailed planning functionality-tasks that save your organization time and money.

Watch this webcast to learn how to:

  • Easily create, trace, summarize and close incidents, problems and change requests.
  • Create and publish a Service Catalogue with ease.
  • Create process specific dashboards with the new, out-of-the-box Service Desk Dashboard.
  • Support your service staff out in the field with Epicor ITSM Mobile 2012.
  • Streamline your service engineers' work by browsing lists with assigned calls, reading the support call contents as well as updating calls by adding events or applying routing actions on-the-go.

A well-functioning IT infrastructure is essential for the quality and continuity of business processes within an organization.

See how Epicor ITSM 2012 can strengthen and improve your organization's IT Operations Management both in-house and in the field.