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Frustrated with Your Organization's Purchasing Processes?

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Does your current purchasing solution deliver full visibility of the buying cycle from requisition through approval, receipt and payment?

What if you could gain control over your organization's purchasing with a complete Web-based procurement solution?

In one quick hour, learn how Epicor Procurement can make your business more efficient while improving the bottom line. Watch this webcast to discover how this solution can:

  • Empower employees to manage their own buying within the framework of business rules and budgets that your organization defines.
  • Provide the ultimate efficiency and control by streamlining the entire purchasing process and bringing it online.

Additionally, we'll show you how Epicor can:

  • Give full visibility of documents throughout the accounts payable processes.
  • Provide reporting and analytics within Microsoft® Office Excel®, combining Enterprise GL and AP data to get the answers you need without the usual challenges of gathering and updating the source data.

Discover how Epicor solutions can extend the efficiency and value of your current Epicor solution.