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Eliminate the Complexity of Spreadsheet Forecasting

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Creating a forecast can be difficult and complex. Spreadsheet forecasting almost always relies on simple, ad-hoc formulas built into large, unwieldy, complex spreadsheets that are prone to human error and are difficult to maintain. What if you could make this difficult and complex process easier?

Watch a complimentary webcast featuring Bob Leonard of Forecast Pro and learn how organizations like yours can use data more strategically with advanced statistical forecasting.

Discover the benefits of Forecast Pro for Epicor:

  • Use of proven forecasting models to automatically generate baseline forecasts
  • The inclusion of business knowledge and judgment directly into the forecast
  • Quick analysis of data with powerful and flexible tools
  • Forecast accuracy and tracking to improve the forecast process

Listen to the webcast to learn how Forecast Pro for Epicor can give you an affordable, off-the-shelf solution which can dramatically improve your forecasting and formalize your forecasting process.