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Discover Mattec MES 8.2 and see our new Browser-Based Shop Floor HMI. This latest release of Epicor Mattec MES provides manufacturers with additional freedom of choice in Shop Floor HMI deployment and focuses on improving operator productivity and responsiveness with a new high performance browser-based shop floor interface. Built on HTML5, it is designed to naturally support a multitude of devices and has been optimized to support the real-time and reliability demands of the shop floor. 

The new customizable embedded Shop Floor HMI gives manufacturers the ability to connect, manage and monitor processes and systems via any browser-enabled computing device. The result is greater shop floor insights through real-time visibility with metrics, machine status, instructions, alerts and notifications to keep plant operators, management, and engineering apprised of all manufacturing operations.

View today to see:

  • Mattec MES 8.2 new web-based human machine interface (HMI) and its capabilities.
  • How to incorporate new content and workflows in Mattec 8.2 HMI. 
  • Mattec's Advanced Analytics and how it's improving profitability.
  • And much more!