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DataFlo Virtual User Meeting

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Listen to the DataFlo Virtual User Meeting from July 22, 2010, and learn about the latest updates for DataFlo users.  Below are the topics we discussed.

  • iSolutions Update
    See what's new with iSolutions and discover the value chain products that we currently offer for DataFlo.
  • Update from DataFlo Development
    Get the latest information on DataFlo development and see what is coming in the future.
  • DataFlo-How do you do that again?
    Get answers to some of the most popular questions and requests placed by DataFlo users to the Technical Support Center.
  • Virtualization
    Thinking of going virtual?  Learn the latest news about virtualization from the iSolutions Development Director.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Are you prepared to keep your business running in case of a natural or human disaster?  From hurricanes to landslides, learn how Epicor's Disaster Recovery solution can help protect your data and your business from major events.
  • Migration Update
    Interested in migrating to the latest Epicor solution?  Listen in on a brief overview of the options and tools available to DataFlo customers.