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Create instant real-time reports of Epicor Enterprise data right from Microsoft Office Excel

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The intelligence you need to make productive, informed business decisions is inside Epicor Enterprise - now it is easier than ever to access.

That's why we are pleased to announce the addition of Epicor XL Connect - a powerful new reporting module for Epicor Enterprise - and you can see it in action now.

Watch now and you'll be amazed at how Epicor XL Connect transforms your reporting abilities.

  • Installs in minutes and gives you a direct link to up-to-the-minute business data
  • Uses existing Excel spreadsheets or lets you build new ones using built-in functions and analysis set
  • Lets you refresh and reformat reports on the fly
  • Provides multidimensional drilldown to the transaction level
  • Includes effortless drag-and-drop report building
  • Consolidates info from multiple databases

Check it out now. Then contact your Epicor Account Manager at 1-800-582-0985 or authorized reseller or email info@epicor.com for all the details.

Yours truly,
Your Epicor Enterprise Team

P.S. Imagine getting the data you want out of Epicor Enterprise by simply using Excel functions. Now you can with Epicor XL Connect.