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Connect the Top Floor to The Shop Floor
Do you know the consequences of a disconnect between the shop floor (the production line) and the top floor (senior management up to C-suite? Join us for this webcast and learn how to connect top floor and shop floor to enhance your business and accelerate the supply chain:

• Use one set of data—a single, real-time version of the truth;
• Make the strategic plan actionable for everyone in the organization;
• Deliver production and operations insight into the hands of the people who have the greatest impact on performance;
• Close the loop on the extended supply chain; and,
• Use enterprise resource planning (ERP), a manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) in harmony to facilitate a flow of accurate information throughout the organization.
Register for this webcast now and discover the value of mobilizing everyone and everything throughout the organization in the same direction. 

Featured Speakers

Diane Murray
Product Marketing Manager
Epicor Software

Bernardo Ospina
Manager Business & Channel Development
Epicor Software


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