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Best Practices for Keeping in Contact with Employees on the Run

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In today's competitive market, fast is never fast enough and mobility does matter but it is not as simple as simply rolling out mobile access to ERP to receive the full benefits of this type of strategy.

Mobile technology can greatly enhance the benefits that an organization gets out of its Epicor ERP solution. But, as with any technology, you need to understand the ways in which mobile technology is best applied to ERP for your business. Simply sticking the whole suite onto a device is not the answer. For your organization to get the most out of your mobile ERP, you must determine where efficiency can be gained by providing employees with instant access to data and functionality with the right mobile device in the appropriate format.

Register now to get an overview of the mobile capabilities available and best practices for implementing them in Epicor ERP:

Learn about the mobile options for purpose built devices, handheld, smartphones, and tablets to enable your employees on the run.

Blurring the lines to conducting your business with a framework that doesn't care how you access your Epicor ERP.

See a demonstration of the many different ways you can access your Epicor ERP from various mobile devices including:

  • Purpose built applications
  • Social mobile platform
  • General mobile access​