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24/7 EDI Integration with TIE Kinetix EDI Managed Service On-Demand!

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Join us on Tuesday, August 27, for a complimentary webcast on TIE Kinetix EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Managed Service-an extremely popular option for companies that like the performance and reliability of internal systems without the extra maintenance burden of managing the integration process. With more than 20 years of experience, the most attentive and flexible support in the industry, and proven TIE technology is available "on-demand" for customers looking to outsource their E-Commerce and business integration operations.

TIE has an array of service-based XML/EDI compliant, web based E-Commerce, and secure communication offerings that allow organizations to reap the full benefit of TIE's powerful software solutions as a service (SaaS).

During this webcast we'll cover:

  • What is EDI Managed Service and how will it benefit your organization

  • What TIE Kinetix EDI Managed Service can offer you

  • Success Stories from other customers who have used this EDI solution