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Sovini Group
“BisTrack is going to be instrumental in helping me and the whole team as we grow and move forward.”
Anita Harrison-Carroll, Director | Sovini Trade Supplies Ltd
“The benefits mainly come from us being able to improve the relationship with our customers. It means we can become more responsive.”
Jecan Alin, Economist | Radox srl
Derako International
“The longer we use Epicor, the more reliable our insights, and thus the more competitive we become in the face of rapidly changing circumstances. The implementation makes us future proof and we can respond faster.”
Richard van den Engel, Finance and Information Manager | Derako International
“iScala 3.0 gives us everything we need. It allows us to function as one business entity and lets us share information quickly, informing business decisions. We anticipate that because of our new standardised methodology and knowledgesharing approach, we will be able to continue to take our business from strength to strength.”
Penio Penev, IT Solutions Manager | Amiantit
Fife Fabrications
“Our customers recognise the flexibility, lead time reduction and enhanced customer experience since the Epicor ERP implementation.”
Roberto Morris, ERP Project Consultant | Fife Fabrications
John Brash
"I can look at what volumes are being processed, how many orders are being taken and what stock we have. And I can be 100% confident that what I'm looking at is right!"
Steve Parkinson, Supply Chain Director | John Brash
MP Moran
"We have total visibility now and we can report on and monitor everything that's in the system. We couldn't do anything like this before!"
Bart Murphy, Operations Manager | MP Moran
JW Grant
"Our main requirement was for a fully integrated system from point of sale to ledger. I liked BisTrack the minute I saw it."
Seanna McLellan, Director | JW Grant
Arnold Laver
"As long as Epicor continues the communication and dialogue they currently have with their customers, and the software continues to evolve, we won't be ending our long relationship. It's such a stable system and generally you just don't need to worry about it-which is how it should be!"
Mike Kenyon, Group IT Director | Arnold Laver
KMF gears up for growth with Epicor ERP