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Customer Success Stories 

Success Story Title
Allied Mobile

Epicor ERP gives us end-to-end standardisation. It tracks everything through our entire system and gives us an extremely accurate picture of nearly every business process, procedure, and transaction in real time.

Ewan McCulloch, general manager IT

Coventry Plumbing & Heating Supplies

“Although the project has only just been implemented, the main benefits so far have been the ability to e-mail and the progression to better tailored reports,”

Andy Harris, Coventry Plumbing & Heating Supplies.

Bruichladdich Success Story

“We’re focussing on growth, and with Tropos in place, we are able to continue looking forward, and that is the beauty of it. It’s supported us along the way, and it will continue to be a vital resource in our future,” 

Simon Coughlin, CEO

Ultra-Luxury Hotels and Residences

"...we were able to integrate iScala with existing interfaces and eliminate the need to buy auxiliary software. iScala accomplishes in one package what others can’t do in more expensive bundles.”

Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis 

SKF Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd.
SKF Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd. - building an ERP system to support growth in the Chinese automotive market
Tata Global Beverages Polska

"iScala has enabled us to carefully track, analyse, and strategically predict customer buying habits. As a result, we’ve been able to stay in front of the competition through promotions and tactics that strategically leverage the shelf and sales value of our quality, world-renown brands."

Robert Hipp, IT manager 

Rembrand Timber
“We are still expanding so it was crucial we chose a supplier who was ready to support us and help us on our journey.”
Jeff Low, Director | Rembrand Timber
JT Atkinson

“BisTrack is what our business runs on and it makes an impact on everything we do. Now four years after implementation we still look forward to new features as they become available and I still have no doubt that we made the right decision.”

Mark Atkinson, IT Director

Hyatt International Corporation

“Epicor iScala Hospitality is now the only recommended back office system for Hyatt International Hotels and Resorts.”

Gebhard Rainer, Vice President of Hotel Finance and Technology

Pure Malt

“What set Tropos apart was the fact that it is a software platform that is clearly born out of a production and manufacturing focus, whereas some of its competitors’ products seem to have grown out of a finance package. The manufacturing focus is key to supporting the growth of our business and how we compete with our counterparts,”

Ross Turner, Key Account Manager