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Inspired Solutions for Services Organisations

Services organisations are tasked with maintaining high levels of service delivery against a backdrop of increasingly burdensome legislative requirements and heightened client expectations. These pressures require a comprehensive business solution comprising strong back office capabilities with services-specific functionality such as opportunity management, resource management, portfolio management, services delivery and budgeting and procurement supported by flexible reporting and analysis. Furthermore to meet the high level of change faced by services organisations these systems must be highly flexible.

Embracing the latest in technology, Epicor service organisations software provide a real-time, accurate view of your services business, so you can proactively manage with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the flexibility you need as your business evolves.

Software Designed for the Service Industry

Epicor UK service industry software is a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to win and resource your business, manage service delivery, streamline financial operations, and analyse business performance across the entire service organisation.

Comprehensive Suite of Service Industry Solutions

Our solutions for services organisations optimise your business processes, empowering you to expand the value chain, grow revenue and drive efficiency benefits straight to the bottom line. Discover our wide array of software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of service industry organisations.

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