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  • Epicor XL Connect Information Kit

    What if you could create and refresh reports in Microsoft® Office Excel®, combining ERP data with additional lookups and calculations to get the answers you need without the usual challenges of gathering source data and refreshing reports?

    You can with Epicor XL Connect

    Explore and get ready to transform your reporting abilities:

    • Access real-time data from your ERP system with built-in functions
    • Combine ERP data with non-ERP data, lookups, or calculations
    • Arrange and format data exactly as you want

    Epicor XL Connect is now available for Epicor ERP, Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Vantage, Epicor Vista, Epicor Enterprise, and Epicor iScala.

    2-Minute Preview

    2-Minute Preview

    In a hurry? In just 2 minutes, become amazed at how quickly and easily you'll be generating reports and drill-downs.

    Start in Excel, Stay in Excel

    Start in Excel, Stay in Excel

    Ever find yourself copying and pasting from one reporting solution to another? Learn how Epicor XL Connect can help you overcome this reporting nightmare.

    Epicor XL Connect

    Epicor XL Connect Fact Sheet

    Discover how Epicor XL Connect can make Excel a lot more powerful - and your life a lot less stressful.

    Customer Success Story

    Customer Success Story

    See how Heckmann Corporation generated savings, and gained insights with Epicor XL Connect and Epicor XL Broadcast

    XL Broadcast

    Watch these tips and tricks showing you how to get the most out of XL Broadcast:

    • Conditional Formatting
    • Automated Distribution
    • Password Protect, Hide, Delete
    • Multi-Location Reports
    • Merge as PDF

    XL Connect Developer

    Epicor XL Connect Developer makes you the architect, designer, and developer. An innovative complement to the XL Connect Reporting Solution, XL Connect Developer gives you the power to design your own functions, create custom fields, and slice and dice your data any way you need it. With XL Connect Developer, your data can be fully customized for your needs, all within Microsoft Excel. Click here to view the XL Connect Developer fact sheet.

    Additional Videos

    • Epicor XL Connect Content Packs Get You Productive Fast
    • Ease of Use is a Key to Success
    • Password Protect, Hide, Delete

    Training Videos

    Get productive quickly and improve your reports with several short training videos available to Epicor XL Connect customers on EpicWeb, the Epicor customer and partner portal. Here are just a couple samples:

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