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With mobile enterprise solutions from Epicor®, enterprises can support more customers, transactions, and products, and maintain a wider range of business partner relationships. Our mobile applications securely and cost-effectively distribute and automate subsets of existing enterprise business systems outside of the company network – whether connected or remote.

Epicor customers can enjoy a rapid return on investment and can transact business where it happens, regardless of location. Epicor mobile solutions enable companies to easily deploy and manage mobile devices and services to many users and disparate geographies.

Mobile Solutions Business Benefits

  • Manage and enhance business performance and productivity. Experience a significant reduction in data entry. Reduce the time that your field teams spend on administrative tasks.
  • Empower people, processes, and infrastructure to drive and sustain business growth. Speed up sales cycles, service delivery and revenue generation by streamlining customer interactions. Enable the sales team to secure customer commitments quickly and spend more time selling and less time waiting for information.
  • Increase profits and improve supply chain management. Improve inventory management and service levels. Reduce stockouts and backorders.
  • Integrate the supply chain and increase the value of relationships. Enhance customer interactions and service levels with real-time access to inventory levels, discounts, and special pricing.
  • Improve compliance. Comply more easily with legislation that requires companies in some industries to provide an auditable process route of their products, ingredients, packaging materials, and calibration and cleanliness of equipment.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Hardware. Rugged mobile computers and accessories.
  • Software. Epicor Mobile software securely, seamlessly, and cost-effectively extends existing business software to mobile and remote users.
  • Global, world-class service and support. IT staff and mobile workers alike appreciate Epicor’s global service network for complete service and support.
  • Device management. Epicor Mobile solutions make it easy to manage your devices and support your users — no matter where they are. Your IT staff will have complete visibility and control of mobile devices and applications.
  • Mobile Applications

    • Epicor Mobile Field Service*
    • Epicor Mobile Sales Assistant*
    • Epicor Mobile Clinical Care*
    • Epicor Mobile Community Care*
    • Epicor Mobile Route & Delivery*

    Disclaimer: This document and its contents, including the viewpoints, dates and functional content expressed herein are believed to be accurate as of its date of publication, July 2009. This document contains descriptions of product functionality that is either not presently available and/or which is available only in specific geographic regions, which availability is subject to change. This document is not intended to obligate Epicor or any other entity to such functionality release dates, geographies, technology, initiatives and plans, but merely to inform the audience of Epicor’s current intentions and is accurate as of July 2009. However, Epicor reserves the right to make modifications or changes to the functionality, release dates, and plans described herein without further notice. Epicor makes no guarantee, representations or warranties with regard to the enclosed information and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. All information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The usage of any Epicor Software shall be pursuant to an Epicor end user license agreement and the performance of any consulting services by Epicor personnel shall be pursuant to Epicor’s standard services terms and conditions. Epicor is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation. All other trademarks acknowledged. Copyright © 2009 Epicor Software Corporation. For a complete description of the product features and availibility, Please contact your Account manager or Epicor directly and refer to the product’s user guides, reference manuals and release notes.

    *Requires Installation by Epicor Professional Services

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