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Most midsize businesses today are part of supply chains that require them to manage orders electronically and participate in collaborative on-line planning and communication, but all too often are hindered by legacy systems that simply don’t allow the appropriate level of supply-chain integration. They are increasingly finding that to compete effectively, they need to look and act like a much larger enterprise. In fact they too need advanced business software functionality, comprehensive business support and unprecedented business visibility.

However, while mid-sized organizations require a highly functional mid-market ERP solution, they are typically more resource constrained than larger companies, with fewer resources, limited budget, and a need for shorter more realistic deployment schedules than. Often this compounded by a high growth and faced paced environment. 

Epicor® does more than just recognize the challenges mid-sized businesses face—we offer midmarket ERP for mid-sized businesses. Epicor mid-market ERP software provides a low cost of ownership and rapid return on your investment and meet the need for increased business agility.

Mid-Market Software to Reach Your Business Goals

Epicor’s early adoption of Microsoft .NET and web services technology demonstrates its commitment to delivering cost effective solutions. With adaptable service-oriented architecture (SOA), midmarket businesses have the ability to more easily and efficiently align their information systems and technology resources, allowing them the opportunity to respond more quickly to continually changing business requirements.

Building on a strong technology foundation, our mid-market ERP solutions provide the functionality, flexibility, and scalability that mid-sized organizations require.  We provide end-to-end solutions so that you can work with a single source for all of your software needs.  All of our mid-sized business solutions are supported by a global services and support organization that provides the implementation services you require in a flexible manner. 

From its inception, Epicor mid-market ERP has built solutions specifically for the midmarket. From our technology architecture to the design of our user interface to our options for deployment, we deliver solutions that are robust from a functional standpoint, yet provide an overall low total cost of ownership.  Recent independent research of global business confirmed that Epicor delivered the lowest total per user cost of software services and maintenance for mid-sized organization.

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