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Epicor Eagle is a comprehensive and affordable business management system for small to medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries. Eagle is a highly used solution with over 6,000 customers in industries like:

  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores
  • Timber & Building Material
  • Lawn & Garden Center
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Farm-Home

Epicor Eagle is a business management system designed to improve your customer order management and point-of-sale operations, tighten your inventory management processes, and streamline the vendor procurement side of your business. In addition, Eagle software helps you better manage your day-to-day business operations.

Small Business Management Software from Epicor

Eagle small business management software also contains a suite of accounting applications as well as a suite of analytics and reporting products to help you manage problems while giving you the data intelligence you need to continuously improve your business. Epicor Eagle is a solution built upon decades of industry experience and customer input. Our software and features enable businesses like yours to implement the specialized best practices you need to improve and optimize every aspect of your operation.

“Since we began using Eagle, our margins have increased and our business is running at peak performance. For more than 20 years, Epicor has helped us control our costs and run more efficiently.” - Epicor Eagle Retail Customer

Eagle Software Product Features 

  • Eagle’s point-of-sale system allows you to process cash transactions quickly by using scanners, manage debit/credit transactions while getting high speed approval, manage special order and non-stock transactions while taking deposits, and much more
  • For complex items that have a bill of material structure or a list of features and options, Eagle gives you the system construct necessary to manage these items and their sales transactions
  • Eagle lets you create an online website to expand your customer touch   
  • Access to Eagle’s Business Advisor application gives you online access to your inventory, sales, customer information and more
  • Access to a complete suite of integrated, financial management products is at your fingertips
  • Eagle provides a rich set of Inventory Management features to help you keep an accurate picture of your items and quantities.  Sophisticated inventory planning capabilities help you stock the optimal quantities based on seasonal demands
  • Eagle Catalog enables you to manage the product information of your inventory as well as providing the capabilities to automate the maintenance of your catalog
  • Networking/Integration/Middleware provides seamless bi-direction integration to extend the retail and supply chain eco-system across suppliers and partners
  • Integrate directly with third party systems, such as suppliers, warehouse management systems, and pharmacy management systems to improve supply chain efficiency or deliver new services to gain new customers quickly.
  • Industry standard network protocol, SOA, and XML architecture enables fast integration with external systems.

For more information on Epicor’s Eagle Software and how this business management system can help your growing organization, call us at 0845 605 6020 or send us an e-mail.

For more information on Epicor’s Eagle Software and how this business management system can help your growing organization, call us at 0845 605 6020 or send us an e-mail.

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