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Epicor® AVP – Corrugated Packaging Software

Packaging Business Software for Single-Plant Corrugated Packaging Manufacturing

Whether your biggest challenge is keeping your margins or diversifying your products, our corrugated packaging software system has got you covered.

This packaging business software system is designed specifically for corrugated manufacturers, Epicor AVP makes your life easier by automating repetitive tasks and capturing data automatically. Whether you're looking for robust costing, efficient pre-press management, CAD and JDF connections, multiple what-if estimating scenarios, flexible inventory control or scheduling software that keeps your jobs in sequence automatically, we've got you covered.

Unrivaled Costing with Packaging Business Software

Unlimited estimate variations are a breeze. With this corrugated packaging software system you can quickly and easily calculate costs for different cartons, displays, assemblies, combination runs, and litho-laminated sheets. With unrivaled estimating power, we help you keep margins and handle any type of costing.

  • Estimate manufacturing different product types within one estimate: in-house manufactured corrugated boxes, displays, and dividers, litho-laminated sheets, foam, wood and other outsourced items
  • Estimate manufacturing in different plants and compare costs
  • Automatically calculate material costs based on variable units of measure

Powerful Scheduling with Packaging Business Software

More efficient production scheduling means faster response times, reduced make-ready costs and bigger customer opportunity. With Epicor AVP – corrugated packaging software, you can see what's going on at all times, and control manufacturing constraints such as tooling, materials, artwork approvals, and die availability.

  • Drag and drop jobs on the graphical planning board
  • View your schedule in real-time, including load vs. capacity information across all machines and plants
  • Manipulate machine line-ups using what-if scenarios
  • Access cost-of-change information
  • Create distribution and e-mail ready line-up reports instantly
  • View artwork approvals, board receipts, and die/plate availability to identify problems early in the process

Smarter Inventory with Packaging Business Software

No matter how complex your inventory and warehousing requirements, this corrugated packaging software system will help with efficient receiving, shipping and warehouse operations, increased inventory accuracy, and on-time delivery. Simply use bar codes, scanners and a Wi-Fi network to stay on top of your roll stock, raw materials and finished goods inventory.

Management Dashboards with Packaging Business Software

Decisions are easy when the facts are clear. Epicor Dashboards give you fast, accurate, data so you can make better management decisions. Our dashboards bring graphic clarity to your key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide reliable, information about what is happening in and across your business.

Have questions about Epicor AVP? Please call us at 0800 316 1155, or Ask an Epicor Expert.

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