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We are happy to announce the Guest Speaker for Insights in Stockholm June 2-3:

Ari Riabacke - How to make smarter decisions

From an evolutionary perspective, it’s only a coffee break since the times when we lived in caves. We still have brains from the Stone Age and live in an ultra-modern world, where decisions are made at an ever faster pace. The choices are endless, the amount of information enormous, and there is a great deal of uncertainty.

This presents us with major challenges in the business world and life in general. So, the question is; how do we make our decisions, and above all – how can we make better ones?

With this as his starting point, Ari Riabacke, Ph.D. in risk- and decision analysis, guides you in a thoughtful, at times provocative and highly entertaining way into a world foreign to us – a world about ourselves and the decisions we make.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Ari Riabacke!

Welcome to Insights in Stockholm!
Your Epicor Team

P.S. The Early Bird registration rate ends May 10. Reserve your spot today.

Ari Riabacke is one of Scandinavia's most sought speakers and Dagens Industri named him amongst top three hottest business speakers in Sweden.

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