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  • Retail Store Management

    Retail Sales Software

  • The basic and advanced retail store management lets you electronically receive updates from your vendors to automate the maintenance of your inventory file. You can receive price updates and new products, get stock availability, receive promotional pricing, and get advanced shipment notices and invoices from your supplier. You can also electronically transmit purchase orders. With retail sales software, you have the automation tools necessary to save time and keep your inventory operations running efficiently. Take your store to the next level with retail store management software from Epicor.

    Retail Store Management Software Features

    • Bag/Bucket Sale: Give a promotional percent off a group of item
    • In-Store Gift Card: Operate and manage gift cards entirely with the Eagle syste
    • Eagle Loyalty: Enjoy the increased store traffic, higher sales, and greater profits consistently associated with loyalty program
    • Dynamic Promotions: Set up customized promotions involving more than one ite
    • Label Printing: Deliver automated label printing so you don’t have to spend hours re-pricing your store item-by-item
    • Eagle Fax: Fax documents, such as invoices and reports, directly to customers and vendors from your Eagle system to reduce keying errors and save time
    • Multi-Store: Control inventory across stores, transfer products where they are needed, and synchronize prices so one location is not charging too little or too much
    • Dispatch and Delivery: Dispatch sales orders, efficiently load trucks, and make on-time deliveries to improve your productivity while increasing customer service and satisfaction
    • Service and Repair: Find information quickly on all open service orders, quickly assign technician to check-in orders, make status updates, add a comment, or delete a service order
    • Secure Data Backup: Easily and fully protect your data while eliminating the hassles and potential points of failure in your backup and recovery strategy   

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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