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  • Sourcing and Retail Product Development Software

    Being able to get your products to market faster to keep up with ever-changing market conditions, competitive pressures, and increasing customer demands is one of the key goals of today’s multichannel retailer. After all, if your products are not on store shelves when they need to be—and in sufficient quantities—you could lose out on critical sales opportunities that you can be sure your competitor won’t miss. To maintain your competitive edge and keep your supply chain operating at peak efficiency, you need the right retail sourcing and product development software to help you keep up with today’s ever-changing retail inventory demands.

    Epicor®’s Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software helps you do just that. This powerful retail PLM solution streamlines your sourcing processes, and helps you bring your product to market faster.

    Powerful Retail Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

    Sourcing and Retail PLM uses centralized workflow management of product development, collaborative vendor negotiations, production tracking, and logistics tracking. Epicor’s powerful product development software provides you with the necessary tools for faster, cheaper, and more efficient supply chain management. With online, real-time data, and secure data updates, our Sourcing and retail PLM software helps you increase productivity throughout your supply chain with greater information visibility.

    What’s more, our expert retail software consulting and professional services team understands the rapidly evolving product sourcing business practices, and can bring that knowledge to your implementation. They evaluate and review each stage in the process, with an experienced view on how best to map the solution to your needs.

    Sourcing and Retail PLM includes Global Sourcing, Partner Collaboration, and Product Development.

    Have questions about our Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management Solutions for Retail?, Please call us at  +1-800-992-9160, or send us an e-mail.

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