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  • Retail Order Management

    Retail Order Management Software

  • Your customer is ready to buy. Your sales associate is ready to help. You have the item, but it’s not in stock at your location. What do you do—spend hours calling other locations and risk losing the sale?

    Finding the perfect balance with inventory levels is the ultimate challenge for retailers. Overstocked items can kill you with excessive markdowns, but even worse, out-of-stock items lead to lost sales, walkouts, and potentially lost customers. While stockouts are inevitable, lost sales are preventable with retail order management.

    Order Management Software for Retail

    Epicor retail order management software provides retail businesses with the capabilities to manage all customer orders beyond the retail point of sale operation. Streamline the quotes and bids process with tools that integrate estimates, pricing, invoices, and credit controls.

    • Order Management Features
    • Easily create new quotes and turn estimates into bids
    • Manage tracking and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Re-price invoices item by item to keep up with customer and market changes
    • Track price and costs by units of measure
    • Print multiple estimates (quotes) as one single estimate
    • Maintain up-to-date credit controls
    • Update A/R balances, job credit control and credit line
    • Track backorders
    • View original and revised transaction

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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