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    Payment Exchange 

    Epicor provides you with your connection to financial institutions with payment processing. Integration is available not only with Epicor Payment Exchange, but also with EnConcert and Protobase. These applications are seamlessly integrated with your checkout and billing workflow to provide the industry standard way of verifying customer credit, debit, and bank information.

    Credit card authorization is integrated into the Eagle Point of Sale and Accounts Receivable modules to provide an efficient and seamless way of verifying the validity of your customer’s credit card.

    PCI Compliance Software

    Epicor Eagle software has achieved compliance validation with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PADSS) version 1.2. PADSS validation of the Epicor Eagle software gives you confidence that Eagle is designed to protect customer card information and that transactions are being processed in accordance with PCI Data Security Standards. 

    Electronic Check Conversion

    Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) enables the use of a customer’s check as an electronic funds transfer (ETF) and the check is guaranteed. The customer gives the cashier a blank check, the MICR reader reads the routing and account numbers, and verifies that the customer is not on a bad check list. Once ECC verified, VOID is printed on the check and the VOIDED check is handed back to the customer and the customer signs the ECC funds transfer acknowledgement. 

    Mobile Payment Processing

    Accept credit card payments wherever your customers might be with Epicor mobile payment processing. A free, downloadable app runs on your mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone (currently only iOS-powered devices) with a Wi-Fi or wireless mobile connection of 3G or better. Then, with a specially encrypted card reader plugged into the headphone jack, you can swipe the customer’s card. The customer can sign with a finger or stylus, and the receipt is emailed to the customer

    Have questions about Epicor Eagle payment processing? Please call us at +1-800-999-6995 or send us an e-mail.

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