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  • Retail Merchandising Software

    You have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting and creating merchandise. What is in short supply are the time and resources needed to carry out effective retail inventory management for top results.

    Epicor Retail Merchandising Software meets this challenge head on. Merchandising gives you the tools and functionality you need to analyze, order, price, and distribute merchandise for maximum return on your investments. By using consistent data to guide all processes, Retail Merchandising automatically synchronizes and integrates key functions to let you:

    • Send exactly the right merchandise to the right store.
    • Track the status of all merchandise through shipping, receiving, and distribution.
    • Define your own business rules for pricing, data validation, inventory status, and purchase approvals.
    • Alert users automatically to exceptions in merchandise performance by location.
    • Reduce markdowns, end-of-season consolidations, and transfers.
    • Allocate items directly to your stores using a fully integrated Allocation and Replenishment module to balance both merchandise plans and store-level sales activity.
    • Analyze items by style or style/color and drill-down easily into more detailed information to accurately measure the true cost of doing business.
    • Systematically update store size profiles based on the individual store's unique size selling patterns, then apply the profiles within the purchasing and distribution flows.
    • Isolate under-performing or over-performing items using exception-based functionality.
    • Create flexible analyses and reports, and quickly initiate transfers and price changes.
    • Integrate smoothly with best-of-breed Planning and Assortment Planning applications to streamline the creation of allocations and purchase orders.

    In all these ways, Epicor Retail Merchandising lets you tightly coordinate every aspect of your retail merchandising operations in every channel for fewer hassles, errors, markdowns, and returns. The result? You’ll improve your retail inventory management, enhance your competitiveness, and optimize your ROI.

    Add value with advanced Business Intelligence

    Epicor Retail Merchandising Software manages comprehensive data on your inventory and related processes. Epicor Retail  Business Intelligence adds value by optimizing your access to exactly the data you need, and transforming it into clear analyses and reports that enable you to make correct decisions and take direct action faster. Building on the Microsoft business intelligence suite, our BI solution can combine data from Merchandising,  Audit and Operations, and CRM into one enterprise-level view to meet your retail inventory management needs.

    Have questions about our Merchandising Solutions for Retail? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, or send us an e-mail .

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