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    POS System and POS Software 

    POS software, or point of sale software, is the most mission-critical retail store software system deployed by retailers today and is the heart of enhancing the customer’s shopping experience, increasing productivity and driving sales. For today’s multichannel retailers, ongoing success hinges on having a POS System that can interact seamlessly with other mission critical systems, stores, and sales channels, as well as exchange data with home office systems, to put the right information in the hands of your store associates when they need it.

    POS Software to fit your needs

    Epicor® Retail Store solution offers a robust POS system and in-store software systems with high ROI applications. Its real-time central features designed to enhance service and drive sales include customer relationship management (CRM), cross channel selling, return/exchange management, and mobile functionality. The same Store architecture facilitates a rapid delivery of Store functionality on Apple® iPad®, iPod®, and Microsoft Windows® mobile devices, extending retail POS functions such as price checking, stock availability, and completing a customer’s transaction to be done from anywhere.

    The flexible Appbuilder feature provides the power to enable retailers to create workflows and user experience, and configure and change business rules to meet their unique requirements.

    The Epicor Retail Store solution provides retailers with full-function middleware for data transport and data transformation, such as feature-rich polling that enables retailers to control and prioritize the movement of data between stores and the head office.

    POS system to grow your business

    Epicor Retail Store POS software solutions are designed to improve the customer experience and reduce checkout time with advanced transaction types, flexible workflow, extensive promotion and deal execution, in-store CRM, biometrics capabilities and more. With a full complement of in-store back office options, the store staff can efficiently and easily manage their retail operations. These back-office applications, which are also accessible from a POS system, give your managers the flexibility to work on inventory, employee maintenance, or other tasks while still monitoring the sales floor.

    Have questions about our retail POS software systems? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, or send us an e-mail.

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