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    Today’s device-enabled consumers depend on being connected to expand and make choices with point-and-click ease—at home, at work, and whenever they shop. That’s why they want you to be connected—so they can exercise a full range of optionsacross your brand—simply and conveniently. This calls for an integrated eCommerce solution that works in perfect harmony with your other selling channels, while letting you tailor the functionality to your unique business needs.

    Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce Suite is that solution. It goes far beyond standard eCommerce to deliver a connected, consistent experience to your customers in all channels. It lets them shop simultaneously in all channels, while letting you integrate information and application silos to streamline retail management.

    Cross-Commerce eCommerce Platform, powered by Magento®, is the heart of this advanced, feature-rich suite. It gives you everything you need to run a highly successful online store that is synchronized with your other channels. With its search engine optimization, advanced catalog management, powerful marketing tools, and visibility to all inventory, you’ll not only transform browsers into buyers but also into more lucrative omni-channel shoppers.

    Cross-Commerce Omni-Channel Connector lets you harness the power of one solution for all transaction functions, while tailoring those functions to your unique business needs. It unifies order calculations, promotions, products, pricing, inventory lookup, customer databases, and more, to deliver a more consistent shopping experience to the channel-agnostic consumer, reduce your infrastructure and technology footprint, and lower your costs.

    The Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce Suite also leverages Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling to let you quickly fulfill orders from any location or channel, and Epicor Retail Warehouse Management Customer Order Fulfillment, which provides superior management of fulfillment orders that flow to a warehouse or distribution center.

    Go Above and Beyond eCommerce

    Together, the powerful applications in the Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce Suite enable you to orchestrate and expand all your selling opportunities with:

    • A robust and highly flexible online store with exceptional catalog management capabilities and powerful marketing tools
    • Powerful Solr-based search capabilities that quickly connect your customers with exactly the products they are looking for
    • The ability to share brick-and-mortar store functions and logic with your online stores for company-wide consistency
    • Item- and transaction-based promotions that are easy to create, manage, and execute across channels
    • Real-time centralized features for one view of your customers, inventory, and orders
    • An intuitive administration interface for complete flexibility and easy control over all functionality
    • Multi-channel fulfillment with inventory reference management to save-the-sale and increase customer satisfaction
    • Mobile commerce, with out-of-the-box optimization for iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera browsers

    With all these features, the Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce Suite will enrich your engagement with customers through multiple touch points while elevating their experience, to drive loyalty and sales.

    Have questions about our Cross-Commerce solutions for retail? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, or send us an e-mail.

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