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    The benefits of cloud software to business are growing daily, especially for ERP solutions. Access to cloud computing options such as SaaS or online storage present a real opportunity for businesses to seamlessly and securely connect on premises applications to value-added applications quickly and with simple savings in terms of IT spend.  Epicor® has been a long term provider of value-added applications offered via the SaaS model to enhance the investment our customers have made in on premise ERP.


    Today’s enterprises increasingly view cloud computing software as an important and meaningful sourcing option and smart investment because it offers a myriad of business benefits, including low initial and predictable ongoing costs, faster implementations and time to value, reduced cost of ownership, greater reliability, enhanced support, reduced IT complexity, and improved business focus.

    Cloud Software Strategy

    The Epicor cloud software strategy is simple, concise, encompassing, and based on two basic tenets:

    • Complete choice and flexibility for ERP deployment. Customers can elect to deploy the entire Epicor ERP solution in whatever manner makes the most sense for them: Securely in the cloud, on a virtualized environment within their business or via a pre-configured appliance. Customers can mix and match deployment scenarios and change deployment options as needed without penalty.
    • Rapid, secure access to low cost value-added applications. Customers can gain access to value added capabilities quickly and cost effectively via a secure pipe to a subscription service. This strategy aligns with Microsoft’s vision of Software + Services, where on premises applications are supplemented by value added solutions without the associated IT overhead or up-front cost.

    Cloud Computing—The Epicor Difference

    The Epicor cloud computing solutions strategy is virtually unique in so far as it offers complete choice and flexibility in deployment scenarios to customers. That is, customers can move back and forth and mix and match between multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant (hosted), and on premises virtualized deployments as required, all based on the same code line. Epicor ERP has been developed as a single code line using a  service-oriented architecture to support differing sizes of business and deployment scenarios.

    Epicor  ICE Business Architecture and Microsoft Windows Azure will enable our customers to deploy an Epicor application to multiple computing scenarios to align with corporate requirements, governmental regulation, local or subsidiary footprint, and global presence.

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