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    Did you hear? QuantiSense™ has joined forces with Epicor to deliver powerful cloud analytics and insights to retailers. Epicor retail business intelligence now provides retail analytics and market basket analysis from Quantisense.

    Today’s retail business intelligence software generates a continual flood of data—the challenge is to not be overwhelmed by it. Epicor inspires businesses to improve sales, margins and inventory productivity by selectively accessing the right data within their retail business intelligence, then transforming it into clear, actionable analytics.

    Retail Analytics

    Combine data warehousing and sophisticated retail big data analytics into role-based, actionable and repeatable processes that tackle your team’s biggest challenges. Retail analytics help you uncover what is impacting sales, margins, and inventory productivity so you can:

    • Avoid stockouts, reduce store-to-store transfers and minimize overstocks
    • Boost sales and operating margins with early identification of trends
    • Postpone the need for markdowns and protect margins
    • Improve inventory productivity by increasing turns and reducing carrying costs
    • Free up open-to-buy for hot sellers and expanded assortments

    Market Basket Analysis

    Market basket analysis helps you determine which items customers are buying together most frequently. With a clear understanding of your customers’ purchase behavior, you can better prepare your inventory for promotions, make intelligent assortment decisions, and effectively pair items in marketing materials and store displays.

    Retail Business Intelligence

    Epicor® Retail, Business Intelligence allows retailers to finally combine business intelligence with industry best practices to ensure the most profitable retail merchandising, direct to consumer, and store operations decisions.

    Have questions about our Business Intelligence Software? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160 or ask an Epicor Expert .

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