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Manufacturing Professionals: Epicor Invites You to Take the 'Metrics that Matter' Survey
Take the survey and receive access to LNS Research’s Performance Management Research Library for one year, and the benchmark report in early 2014
Click here to take the survey now. Deadline November 15, 2013
Manufacturing executives and managers face many challenges today in improving and optimizing business performance. But with so many metrics available to measure production, it can be difficult to know which are really driving the most value, along with how to best put in place metrics programs and supporting technologies that can accelerate results.
In conjunction with MESA International, LNS Research has launched the biennial ‘Metrics that Matter’ research survey. The 2013-2014 survey and research report is focusing on the trends and correlations between specific operational metric improvements, the use of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software applications, role-based metrics reporting, and the effect of emerging technologies such as mobility, big data, and cloud computing on metrics programs.

Metrics are a critical component of achieving Manufacturing Operational Excellence. As a manufacturing professional, you’re tasked with not just maintaining existing metrics, but identifying ways to improve them as well. Once you understand your organization’s current performance, benchmarking your progress against peers and industry best practices is a critical next step in the journey.

By participating in the survey, you will receive access to LNS Research’s Performance Management Research Library for one year, as well as the benchmark report in early 2014. The opinions and observations shared in the survey are invaluable, and will help give insights into the most important trends today around metrics, programs, processes, technology, and more.

We don’t want you to miss out on all of this valuable research content and hope that you take a small amount of time to participate with us by taking the survey here by November 15, 2013. Or cut and paste this link into your browser:  http://blog.lnsresearch.com/manufacturing-professionals-epicor-invites-you-to-take-the-metrics-that-matter-survey.


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