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Technology, innovation, and unsurpassed customer service have been the foundation of Guillen Plumbing Supply for over 40 years. Originally founded in 1973 as a leading plumbing warranty repair operation servicing all of Southeast Florida, the company has since evolved into a leading worldwide supplier and distributor of plumbing products, with a 2,500-sq. ft. showroom and warehousing complex based in Miami, Florida.

“Our goal is to be the most respected supplier in our industry,” says Veronica Guillen-Simon, Vice President. The company is committed to meeting client needs with advanced, just-in-time delivery programs, online ordering, e-mail invoicing, and powerful Web commerce tools that allow customers to easily access detailed pricing, availability, and account information.

Since September 2006, these goals have been supported by Guillen’s implementation of the Epicor Eclipse enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. Epicor Eclipse is designed to provide plumbing, HVAC, and electrical wholesalers with a powerful, transactional-based system for streamlining and tracking all purchasing, inventory management, and warehousing functions in real time. 
See Veronica and other members of the Guillen Plumbing Supply family discuss the impact of the Epicor Eclipse solution on their business in this 4-minute video:


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