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Could certified data lower your costs?
Direct mail is a classic and powerful part of most marketing campaigns. But to use direct mail through CRM efficiently, your database has to be neat enough to ensure every single mailer can be sent out at minimal cost.  Specifically, you need to qualify for discounts on bulk mailings by obtaining CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification every 90 days, supported by NCOA (National Change of Address) processing. Together, CASS and NCOA minimize the number of misaddresses and they ease the job of the postal service.
How else can these services save you money? By ensuring more of your mail gets through! According to the U.S. Census Bureau around 40 million US citizens move each year – an overall percentage of 14.19 % annually. Ignoring 14% of the population means the potential loss of sales opportunities and more severely, wasting money.  NCOA processing makes available current change of address information that can help reduce your undeliverable mail while identifying and correcting addressing errors before mail enters the “mailstream.”

Use targeted data for focused results
Some marketing segmentation projects or campaigns require more specific data about customers. Such data might be unavailable in CRM (because it is not collected at POS) or might need validation. In general, data appends mainly involve, but are not limited to, demographic information that help build a more rounded profile of customer base.

For instance, during a holiday marketing campaign, one of our clients wanted to target a list of married female customers in such a way to send them promotions about gift ideas for their significant other. To make sure that the promotion was cost efficient, the marital status and gender had to be accurate and validated; this was achieved through a gender type append that uses both existing information and certain logic to decide whether a customer is a male or a female.

Epicor can help
At Epicor we highly recommend that our clients perform NCOA processing every 3 months. To facilitate this often complicated procedure, we have developed secured partnership with a variety of providers. In addition, Epicor has both business partnerships as well as internal proprietary processes that can help you build a more complete profile of your customer data.

Watch for our next blog, “Optimizing Marketing Initiatives.”

Hamid Jarikji
CRM Services
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