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Customer Engagement on the Rise
Over the last year customer centricity has been one of the top concerns in the minds of retailers.  In a recent thought leadership report by Apparel Magazine, the ever-growing and fluctuating topic of customer engagement is brought to a new level – Customer Centricity 2.0.  According to Apparel, “Today’s leading apparel retailers are changing their focus from improving what customers will encounter within the store to how consumers can engage the brand and the enterprise as a whole in all channels, in turn enhancing the entire shopping experience and fostering long-term retailer-customer relationships.”
If you ask Apparel, the “essential elements” of managing a legitimate customer-centric organization requires the following:
  • CRM/Clienteling
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Mobile POS and Mobile CRM
  • Channel Unification and Channel-Agnostic Retailing
  • Integrated Planning, Merchandising and Alloction
  • Advanced Business Intelligence
When asked about what successful retailers are doing to achieve heightened customer engagement, Ian Rawlins, vice president of marketing for Epicor, said “Advanced transaction and CRM systems are key, but customer centricity must be enabled and supported in all areas of the enterprise. Retailers are also looking for fully integrated solutions that provide a seamless, multi-channel view of information – solutions that let retailers know, in real time, what inventory is available where, and allow inventory in one location or channel to be used to fill orders in a different one.”
What are the challenges of conducting business in today's marketplace?  What is your organization doing to become a more customer centric organization?
Posted by the Epicor Social Media Team.


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