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Welcome to the first post of my new Epicor blog, which after reading, you may or may not decide is somewhat overdue.
James Norwood

I must say that I have kept up a sometimes on, but perhaps more often off, line of communication to Epicor employees and customers alike about topics of potential interest as I see them that surround all things enterprise resource planning (ERP), and in particular Epicor ERP and related solutions. So I thought it might be time to broaden my horizon and share such opining on a more public basis.

I must say that if you are looking for edgy, contentious or even downright critical commentary, then there are perhaps more suitable blogs that can feed that need. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t hold strong views as I do, and I’m not suggesting that I won’t be sharing my opinion, as I will, but the main goal of this blog is to foster dialogue and debate between individuals and groups with similar interests.

This is my main reason for going public if you will, as my principle role at Epicor is twofold. First, it involves building up knowledge about our customers and their industries, what makes them tick, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they hope to exploit enabled in many cases through the use of technology. Second, it involves me sharing what I and my colleagues at Epicor have learnt, with customers and potential customers, and how we have sought to apply technology solutions to help them achieve their business goals and aims.

All seems fairly straight forward. Success in this role necessarily requires active participation and effective collaboration. In fact, one of the topics I hope to discuss in a future blog post is how Web 2.0 concepts and related technologies can help businesses with just that. One of my favorite definitions of Web 2.0 comes from Ross Dawson, CEO of consulting firm Advanced Human Technologies, Chairman of Future Exploration Network, and occasional collaborator, who has also gone on to define Enterprise 2.0 as “the application of Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies to enhance organizational performance,” which in today’s business climate could turn out to be very prescient indeed; so more on that later.   

I’ll close by listing just a few of the subjects I plan to wax (somewhat) technical on in future posts, but please, tell me what you think, and what you would like to hear about – I aim to please!

Upcoming topics: Epicor Next-generation ERP; what’s on midmarket manufacturers’ minds; SOA what; Enterprise 2.0; maintaining service levels while keeping costs under control.

Entry number: EPICBLOGJN0001

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Posted by James Norwood, Vice President of Product Marketing, Epicor


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