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Focusing on Today's Sophisticated Shopper

Diane CerulliThe day I put on my first matching Easter bonnet and white paten leather shoes with a matching purse is the day I became a shopper.  OK so things have changed a little since then – I can now shop any night of the week not just Thursday’s, I can even shop from home in my pj’s and I no longer need to wait for the 500 page catalog to arrive to see what the new trends are.  I have it all at my fingertips – web sites, social networking sites, the catalogs I receive weekly, brick and mortar stores.  And if all of that fails to keep me on top of the retail trends – I have my very own Fashionista’s; my nieces Jenna (13) and Sophie (12).

Although a lot has changed over the last 30 years that I’ve been in retail in some form or another, the one thing that remains the same Retailis shoppers are still looking for a great shopping experience regardless of the channel they are shopping in or on.  When I worked at the Gap we always trained our staff to greet, ask open-ended questions, provide product information, add on, close the sale and thank the customer.  When I moved on to the systems side of the house, we continually looked for technology to support the staff in making that experience memorable.  Today at Epicor, I continue my quest to provide tools and technology to the cross channel retailers who still know that their business is all about the customer.

Given my experience on both sides of the fence – as a retailer and a technology provider – and my extensive personal research that I conduct at various retail establishments frequently, I’ll likely focus a lot of my blogging on the expectations of today’s sophisticated shopper, and how technology has changed them and keeps on changing them.

Posted by Diane Cerulli, Director of Product Management, Epicor


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