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Get More Value Out of Your Training

Training is one of the key deliverables in any ERP implementation, if new users are comfortable with how to perform their daily duties with the new software then success is very likely.


I do a lot of training in my role.  There are a few simple things that a customer can do that I have found greatly facilitates a good training session.

  1. Make sure you put on a good lunch
    Actually this isn’t important, but I do like good lunches, sausage rolls if given the choice.
  2. Have an appropriate venue
    A separate room with a door that closes, desks, chairs, projector, whiteboard, have the room preferably air-conditioned.  Off site is the ultimate.  A place that is free from distractions is critical, there is nothing worse colleagues drifting in and interrupting attendees or attendees working on other things while they attempt to learn.

    If you can set up a room without external internet access even better (though the Facebook / Twitter / Outlook junkies will start to shake after an hour).  

    People should have their own computer (no "looking on”)

    I have done training with none of the above and it makes it hard.
  3. Quality Training Manuals
    These provide structure for the sessions and ensure no topics are missed.  Manuals are also useful for following up after the course and for writing notes in.
  4. Make sure the trainer only goes as fast as the slowest person in the course
    Once people fall behind they get flustered, make mistakes and this then feeds on itself.  The less competent people need more help, while the quick people might get a bit bored, they can most likely learn on their own anyway.
  5. 5-7 Attendees per Instructor
    Any more and it becomes very difficult to manage the different learning paces and styles of the attendees and answer all questions thoroughly.
  6. Use it or lose it
    Make sure that the attendees immediately (or within a week) go and apply what they have learned in their production or configured systems.
  7. Schedule a follow up course in 6 to 12 months time
    People forget, and staff turnover.

©Duncan J. Kennedy 2009

Please note that this posting is my own and doesn’t necessarily represent the position, strategy or opinion of Epicor Software Corporation.


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