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Epicor Express – The Little ERP Engine that Could

You may have seen that we launched our Epicor Express Cloud-based ERP solution today. It’s a true multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) offering oriented to job shops and small manufacturers with subscription pricing. True to its name, Epicor Express is the little engine that could. Just check out all the things you could do with Epicor Express:

You Could Pump More Money into Your Business – One of the great things about Epicor Express is that it’s extremely cost effective and minimizes the upfront costs normally associated with software. Folks are ecstatic that they don’t need to write a hefty check to get it; and practically giddy when we tell them to take that money and invest it in other areas of their business.

You Could Make Your IT Resources Work Smarter – What resonates with prospects is that we eliminate the onus of having to manage the IT behind the system. With Epicor Express you get a global operations team that monitors and manages the system 24x7x365. This is particularly key for small shops, as they generally have limited in house resources or an outside consultant. In the past, these resources have been focused on maintaining and troubleshooting systems; now they can focus on more value added tasks such as leveraging the system to turn business data into business insight and help them be more strategic.

You Could Get a High End Data Center – With Epicor Express, we guarantee 99.5% or greater system availability. You get best in class security, high availability capabilities, and redundant system backups for ensured business continuity.

You Could Get One Heck of an ERP System for Less than What You’re Paying to Keep the Lights On – Epicor Express’ comprehensive functionality provides end-to-end operational visibility across the organization, from customer, to production, to financial management. The functionality is well beyond what job shops and small manufacturers find available today in their reasonable price range. It’s so affordable that we’re telling companies they can probably have our Epicor Express offering for less than what they’re currently paying for electricity each month.

You Could Get Up and Running Fast – Since it’s pre-configured for manufacturing, the implementation process is streamlined and simplified. How does 20 days or less sound to get your ERP system live? With Epicor Express, we could make it happen.

Posted by Chad Meyer, Director, Product Marketing, Epicor


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