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Hello!  Welcome to my first blog post.  I’m a complete novice (OK... ‘novice’ is old speak, ‘newbie’ to GenDuncan Taylor X readers, or to you Gen Y readers… a ‘noob’) to writing a blog, but for those of you that have met me, am certainly no stranger to talking (whittering/ jabbering/ rabbitting) about any subject that I care about, with the obvious one in my working life being RETAIL, and the in-store operation in particular. Before I get there, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a proud member of the Product Management team at Epicor, with two of my colleagues also providing contribution to this blog. I’ve been with Epicor for over 11 years, and in product management for the past 3 years. My prior roles include pre-sales consulting, project management and client care management, and prior to my life at Epicor; I worked for W H Smith in the UK, comprising of six years in store management, and 4 years on POS projects at their HQ.

My passions away from work include (in no particular order)…

  • Golf. (I play to around an 11 handicap, and happy to tell you about the downside of living in Montreal.. a 6 month golf season!)
  • Science Fiction. (A fan of Star Wars, Star Trek (no... I have NOT put on pointy ears and gone to a convention) and any sci-fi based film or book)
  • Running. I don’t do enough, and when I do, a generally have a beer at the end, defeating the object somewhat.
  • Football. What Brit isn’t! Favourite team is Huddersfield Town, and no, I don’t expect you have heard of them.
  • Scuba Diving. Another “don’t do enough” activity, but have gained my Advanced Open Water certification. Diving on the Great Barrier Reef will be with me forever.
  • Motorsport. Primarily Formula 1, with a little World Rally Championship thrown in for good measure. (Don’t get me started on Montreal losing the Grand Prix in 2009)
  • Snowboarding. My ‘winter golf replacement’ activity, except capable of inflicting more damage if you go wrong.

A baffling part of reading my blog could be your total bewilderment at some of the words used.  I’ve been in North America for a little over five years, and am STILL getting asked about words and phrases I take for granted.  If you have fun at my expense on this subject, read Bill Byson’s book, ‘Mother Tongue’, it will put it all in perspective.  My apologies in advance if there’s a word or phrase that I drop in that bemuse you. I promise to follow up to explain myself in detail.

Back to the blog.  There’s a lot to talk about.  I’ll be aiming to provide you with my views and thoughts as a result of spending quality time on subject matters I come across as part of my job.  I may not be politically correct some of the time, and blatantly wrong on other occasions, all of which I hope you’ll take with a pinch of salt, and then gently guide me in the direction of enlightenment through your comments.  Mobility, in store communication, kiosks, customer devices, staff management, customer data, customer-specific experience, multi-channel impact in-store, associate expertise, RFID, payment processing, fraud detection and prevention, cash management, payment types, internationalization, store motivation and incentives are ALL in the firing line (to name but a few).  I hope you find my thoughts interesting, and once again, I encourage you to contribute too through your feedback comments.  In addition, if there are other subjects you would like me to rant... sorry... blog about, please feel free to drop me a line. There is certainly no shortage of content on any of these subjects online, but you will see where my priorities lie within the blog.  If I’m off the mark, or you disagree with my thoughts on its relevance, then I will happily be adding ‘my blog’ to one of the sources I use to gather product direction feedback.

Thanks for your attention. I look forward to your comments on my future postings.

Posted by Duncan Taylor, Director of Product Management, Epicor


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