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"Your Stereotypical Cross-Channel Shopper”

I’m your stereotypical cross-channel shopper who has high expectations and no time to waste. Many studies have told you I spend at least 30% more than your single channel shopper yet not all retailers make it easy for me to do business with them. I may have cut down on my shopping in today’s economic conditions but, as much as some of us would like, birthdays and holidays have not been put on hold in 2009 so I still need to do some shopping.  My wish list of a retailer is simple:

  • To me you are one brand so I expect for you to have a central CRM database that all your channels have access to – if I gave you my info online please don’t ask me for it again when I’m shopping in a store.
  • I do expect an endless aisle and know you have inventory in several places so I have the systems in place to find my item easily from any sales channel. Provide me this extra level of service and I may even pay you extra for it.
  • I don’t mind doing my own research but please make sure your web site, and catalog provide knowledge of your product and services. I love the ones with 360 views! I also read reviews and they do way in my decision to buy or not to buy so hopefully retailers are reading them as well.
  • Make it easy for me to use promotions both online and in your stores – personalized promotions sent to me make me a loyal customer (and I’d don’t mean mailed coupons as I lose them).
  • In the event I have to return something, make the experience the same as it was when I bought it.
  • Unless you have self checkout, price scanners, product info kiosks and ladders or poles for me to reach the top shelf, don’t cut your sales staff in a store to the bare bones. If they’re not there for me or don’t have the tools and knowledge to assist me, I won’t be there for you.

I’ve shared with you my wish list and maybe even some pet peeves – now tell me some of yours – what kind of service do you expect, are you getting it and if not why don’t you think retailers are providing it? Hopefully together, we can provide retailers with some insights and tools to make us happy shoppers and their businesses a little more profitable.

Posted by Diane Cerulli, Director of Product Management, Epicor


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