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BPM: Take it From Phil, You Can Do This!

Last week, we started our 2011 Epicor User Summits. We’ll hit 12 major metropolitan areas in North America throughout February, March, and April along with several events in EMEA and AsiaPac. I don’t necessarily love life away from home, but I do enjoy getting out and having a chance to meet with customers. Over the next few months, I’ll keep you updated on my notes from the field…

At our first stop in Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to listen to a young man--an IT staffer at a very small company--describe what he did to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of his company using Business Process Management (BPM). Phil, this quiet and humble technologist took cues (and some commands) from the company founder to use their newly-implemented ERP system to help the company grow revenues much faster than costs.
In this startup that grew from $0.7M to $4.0M US revenue in the last three years, Phil learned that his Epicor ERP solution came with powerful but completely usable BPM tools with which he could transform how the day-to-day work at the company got done. Phil saw that very simple changes to the company’s CRM and Supply Chain apps could make a big difference in the quality of their customer service, the accuracy of their multi-plant inventory, and the speed of their order fulfillment.
What really struck me about Phil's story was the "can do" theme that came out. I'm not talking about attitude, although I have no doubt that Phil has it, I'm talking about a very pragmatic capability that comes with Epicor's next-generation solution. I'm talking about those conversations where the company founder says to Phil, "I want the system to do THIS" and Phil confidently says, "I can make it do that." Then he goes back to his desk, creates a new BPM (yes, it has become a noun), does some testing, and delivers on his promise to the founder.
THAT is how the business-to-IT relationship should work. No disrespect to Phil, but some credit is due here to Epicor's True SOA™ platform and tools that give him the opportunity to craft a business process and user experience tailored to his company's needs without breaking into the code (or the bank) to get it done. I applaud Phil for his talent and the service he brings to his fledgling company and I say to IT shops large and small, “Now go and do likewise.”

Our 2011 User Summits are open to all Epicor customers.  For more info, visit Epicor.com/Summits

Posted by Scott Hays, Director, Product Marketing, Epicor


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