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An ERP implementation has many important factors to ensure a successful outcome, but arguably one of the most important aspects is the speed at which it’s accomplished. After all, when a business invests in something as significant as an ERP software solution, they want to see results, fast. However, due to the intricate details and complexities that an individual business may face when implementing its ERP system, the timeframe can vary. Epicor now has an answer for new customers looking to get their ERP implementation completed quickly and easily.

Epicor’s Quick Start Implementation Program is tailored to businesses implementing Epicor’s next generation ERP solution with up to 25 users. For a fixed-fee and targeting 90 days, you can have your industry-specific Epicor ERP system up and running so that you can realize a faster return on investment. Epicor’s Quick Start Implementation offers a set of standard services for each Quick Start implementation and a group of embedded courses tailored to the modules of each industry-specific package. The industry-specific packages include: Manufacturing, Distribution, Services and Financial. Check out an outline of the basic process below:

Quick Start Implementation Process

“Quick Start is a timely and cost effective approach for smaller and less complex implementations,” said Amy Baker, product marketing manager at Epicor Software Corporation, “but the service still delivers a complete and robust ERP solution to our customers.”

For more information on Epicor’s Quick Start Program, contact an Epicor sales or consulting representative.

Posted by Morgan Liti, Social Media Team, Epicor


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