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Find out how Mobility is Changing Retailers and Consumer Experience

According to Aberdeen's December 2010 POS Mobility benchmark report, 40% of retailers (both in-store and online) have identified the growing consumer dependence on mobile devices as a top operational pain point. Mobility, in general, is gaining increased attention and momentum among retailers from both an employee-facing or consumer-facing perspective. For example, 38% of retailers are currently at some stage of mobile retail technology or mobile channel adoption, compared to 18% at the end of 2008. At the same time, the consumer’s mobile phone has emerged as a POS and channel growth opportunity that presents both increased customer transaction processing speed potential and incremental revenue options for retailers within stores.

At the upcoming Aberdeen retail summit, partly sponsored by Epicor, Dave Hogan, Executive Technology Advisor for the National Retail Federation (NRF) will share his thoughts and perspectives on how mobile is both changing and enhancing the customer’s online, in-store, couponing, and gift card experience, examining the process from product research through post-purchase.  He will be joined by executives from Mobile Marketer and leading retailers.

For more information on the Aberdeen retail summit, please visit: http://summits.aberdeen.com/index.php/retail.html

Guest post from Aberdeen Research
Written by Sahir Anand,  VP/Principal Analyst; Greg Belken, Research Analyst; and Chris Cunnane, Senior Research Associate


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