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Meet the Executive Team: John Hiraoka, CMO

Meet Epicor’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, John Hiraoka. John joined Epicor in 1998 and brings over 25 years of enterprise applications design, development, sales, marketing and operations experience to the company. In his role as chief marketing officer, John is responsible for the company’s overall corporate, product and marketing strategy, as well as corporate development, strategic partnerships, alliances, and mergers and acquisitions.

Q: John, what is your vision for the new Epicor?

A: To be the company that fundamentally changes how enterprise business software works.  The industry has talked about it for a long time – we are doing it.

Q: What is most important in your role as CMO that will help to achieve this vision?

A: Getting out the message on what we’ve done and also what’s coming. Helping companies see that “next generation” business applications are real, here now, and can provide phenomenal benefits in productivity and usability.

Q: What did you want to be when you were 12-years-old?

 A: President.

John Hiraoka

John demonstrating his love of crustaceans.

Posted by Morgan Liti, Social Media Team, Epicor


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