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Success Story Title
"Avantajele provin în principal din îmbunătăţirea relaţiilor noastre cu clienţii. Aceasta înseamnă că este posibil să devenim mai responsivi.”

Jecan Alin, economist | Radox srl
Epicor îl ajută pe cel mai mare producător român din domeniu să-şi îmbunătăţească eficienţa în relaţiile cu clienţii şi furnizorii.
VAE Apcarom
"Am schimbat macazul in directia buna"

D-na. Caliopia Mircea, IT Manager | VAE Apcarom
Ductil Steel
"Ductil Steel - Otel aliat cu iScala"

Dl. Sebastian Dobre, IT Manager | Ductil Steel
Companion Systems

"Since the migration to Epicor, we have nearly tripled our sales volume and have been able to manage the increased data flow without any problems."

Jason Hepworth, Controller | Companion Systems

American Time

"Epicor ERP is an incredibly dynamic solution that does virtually everything we ask of it. Most importantly, the system enabled us to tie together the triangle featuring the relationships among our company, contractors, and end users in one extremely accessible, easy-to-use reporting format. This has allowed us to identify sales patterns that opened the door to new deals and sales opportunities."

Roger Leung, Purchasing Manager | American Time

SHL Group

"Epicor service is simple and direct, allowing us to focus on our demanding operations more effectively and attentively. Our final success with Epicor ERP can be attributed not just to the company's international background, but to its ability to support SHL's demand for business integration across regions."

Ake Karlson, Managing Director of SHL Healthcare | SHL Group

Boers and Co

"By supporting a wide range of Quick Response Manufacturing processes Epicor ERP 10 provides greater flexibility which has helped us to significantly reduce our lead-times. Through being able to react much faster than ever before we have cut the time it takes us to deliver parts from eight weeks down to just three weeks." 

Ronald Koot, CEO | Boers & Co FineMetalworking Group

Hallmark Building Supplies Inc

"We need to leverage new technology to support greater efficiency, responsiveness, and customer service. Epicor ERP has helped us do all this and more."
Todd Lienke, Vice President of Technology, Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc.


"Early on, Epicor Cloud ERP was well suited to support ACell's rapid expansion, and to help with tighter control on inventory, we were ready for the on premises deployment with the Epicor ERP solution."

Scott Carter, IT director, ACell Inc.