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Enhancing Customer Engagement for SMRs



Enhancing Customer Engagement for SMRs

During a recent interview with Erin Harris, editor-in-chief of Innovative Retail Technologies, Epicor Executive Vice President of the Americas, Craig McCollum, spoke on the topic of customer engagement for small to midsize retailers (SMRs).

A few highlights of the interview include:

  • A successful customer engagement business model for SMRs encompasses the following:
    • Remain current on local and global retail market activities
    • Follow technology trends, such as heightened acceptance of mobile technologies
    • Understand generational differences within shopper base
    • Embrace social media
    • And, connect with your local community
  • Retailers can meet customer engagement challenges with innovative technologies by engaging and connecting with customers in various ways. Strategies such as eCommerce, mobile, and loyalty are important for SMRs in order to watch the ways customers are shopping, to see their buying patterns—helping the retailer develop ways to entice customers to come back time, and time again
  • Small to midsized retailers may have limited resources when it comes to improving customer engagement. They can embrace the following initiatives to make their mark:
    • Social media – making sure SMR employees are monitoring what’s being said about their business, and responding to comments are crucial activities; this shows responsiveness and connectivity to the audience
    • Community engagement – sponsor local charitable events to connect with local community members and leaders
  • The future for SMRs is strongly tied to generational differences. Continue to watch the behavioral patterns of the Millennials – which is going to be the largest generation in US history – as they continue to evolve over time

To hear the full SMR story according to Craig McCollum, listen to the podcast here:


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