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    Most automotive aftermarket warehouse and independent distributors, jobbers, and service shops rely on electronic auto parts catalogs in their businesses. Keeping one step ahead of the competition can be a challenge if your counter staff doesn’t have the most complete and up-to-date aftermarket parts information.

    Epicor® offers auto parts eCatalog solutions that will help your counter people identify aftermarket parts more quickly, minimize returns, manage parts inventory more efficiently and help service your customers better.

    Auto Parts eCatalog

    Take advantage of the latest Epicor auto parts eCatalog solutions designed for your market. The electronic catalog is designed to deliver the following benefits:

    • Increase business with fast, easy, versatile and more accurate parts lookup
    • Stock and sell the right part the first time at the right margin
    • Reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction
    • Expand into new product and service categories through access to a variety of vehicle databases

    It's the Epicor eCatalog auto parts data that's used in over 70% of all aftermarket auto part sales. This comprehensive parts and service database includes nearly 7.5 million parts, coverage of more than 385 million North American vehicles, and more than 22 million interchange listings. It's so good other aftermarket parts stores may send you their customers knowing that if they can't find the part, you can.

    Have questions about our Automotive Aftermarket eCatalog? Please call us at 888-463-4700 or send us an e-mail.

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  • Have questions about our Automotive Aftermarket eCatalog? Please call us at 888-463-4700 or send us an e-mail.