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  • Supply Chain Management for Prophet 21®

    Warehouse Management

    Of all of the places in your business where inefficient processes can do the most damage to your profitability, your warehouse leads the list. A powerful range of Prophet 21 features manage warehouse activities—including receiving, cross-docking, putaway, picking, inventory adjustments, cycle counts, and much more. Transactions affecting the warehouse are automatically generated and processed without re-keying information—saving time and reducing errors.

    Freight Management

    As more and more distributors acquire material from overseas sources, the process of determining the actual cost of an item becomes increasingly difficult. With out- and in-bound handling costs, freight and broker charges, and international taxes to consider, calculating the total cost of an item means understanding and properly calculating landed costs. The overseas tracking and landed cost functionality provided by Prophet 21 tracks and calculates each of these variables throughout the supply chain—from the manufacturer to your receiving department to your customer’s door—to ensure that you never undercharge for an item, no matter the cost of sourcing the product.

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    Wholesale Distribution Software that Works for You

    Prophet 21 can be implemented either onsite or remotely via an application service provider (ASP) or a hardware hosting option.

    As part of the Epicor Distribution Suite, Prophet 21 integrates with many value-add modules, including Epicor’s Proof of Delivery, Strategic Pricing, and Service Dispatch.

    For the full Epicor Prophet 21 story, call 1.800.776.7438 and speak with an Epicor solutions specialist or email us at info@epicor.com.

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